Top Tips To Maintain A Powerful Erection


Here are some great tips on how to maintain a powerful erection. An interesting piece of information that you might or might not know or realize is that a man of fifty-plus can perform better than a thirty-year-old. How is that possible? The answer is simple and no, it’s not by using Viagra. Take a guy of thirty that is out of shape and unhealthy and compare him to a fit and healthy fifty-year-old and the latter will probably outperform him in bed.

Factors like mental and physical health and healthy blood flow all play a huge role in a rock-hard erection. If you are woefully out of shape, overweight, addicted to alcohol or drugs, suffer from depression and stressed out, you can be young and the miraculous wonder between your legs won’t play along as it should.

Fortunately for you, there’s a lot you can do to remain in good standing and have great sex well into your senior years. Now that’s a brilliant incentive to do your privates a favour and shape up. Something that’s great about the penis, aside from great sex, is that it is a barometer for health, and you are warned in advance of impending trouble.

  1. Check your testicles

An important factor is that testicular cancer strikes close to 8,000 young men yearly A ball check once a month is a great idea and there are numerous ways you can do this. It can be cured 95% of the time when caught early that create issue in Maintain Powerful Erection.

You can only benefit by going for a couples Lingham Massage or a men’s full body massage by a registered massage therapist which has got nothing to do with sex. Additionally, you can do it yourself too.

Take a hot shower or bath as the water will relax the testicular muscles which make it easier to handle them. Cupping both testicles at once, there shouldn’t be a notable size difference. Examine each gently with both hands.

Roll each between your middle and index fingers applying light pressure and feel for bumps or lumps. If they feel like a hard-boiled, peeled egg, your boys are all right.

  1. Lose belly fat

A huge culprit is a fat belly. When you exercise regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle, you will not have fat around your gut. Sexual functioning is significantly affected since abdominal fat blocks testosterone that’s available to you.

While a belly is bad overall be sure to know that it is just as bad for your sex life. Fat is bad for your artery and heart health and worse for your member. Fat blocks your coronary artery and keep in mind that your penile artery is far thinner than your coronary artery.

When your heart struggles with healthy blood flow, your penis struggles even more. Artery hardening and plaque will show up in your erection very fast.

  1. Walk every day

As soon as you exercise you have a blood flow increase. The blood rushes through the blood vessel linings and stimulates nitric oxide formulation. This is a chemical that plays a vital role in erections. The healthier you are, the more nitric oxide your body will produce, and this will be evident in the hardness of your erection.

  1. Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, seriously consider quitting! It has been scientifically proven that smokers are more likely to get erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. It is because nicotine restricts blood flow to the penis and also contributes to plaque build-up and it directly reduce Maintain Powerful Erection.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

Eating healthy is much more than just being trendy, but it can not only improve your health but keep diabetes in check too. You should prevent blood sugar spikes by eating more fibre. Blood sugar can definitely sink you in the bedroom and more people are suffering from diabetes through not following a healthy lifestyle and fibre-filled diet.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress places a huge strain on your sex life, getting and maintaining an erection. While everyone including me is always hammering on about healthy lifestyle and exercise, it does help to manage stress. Other means is to go for a regular Swedish massage with essential oils and pressure point massages. Make time and try meditation and learn destressing breathing techniques.

  1. Add Berries to your Diet

An antioxidant called anthocyanin which you get in dark berries like blueberries, decrease free radicals’ levels. Free radicals put a strain on nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide which I mentioned earlier is very good for blood flow to your penis.

Final Thoughts

If you are healthy, remain healthy and exercise regularly, go for a massage and have the occasional erection struggle, don’t panic. Most men don’t talk about it, therefore, would you think it is only you, but erectile dysfunction is incredibly common. In younger men, it is usually due to performance anxiety which is a psychogenic issue. Older men experience ED to a certain degree, due to a physical issue. You can consult your doctor, in either case, to establish if it is a physical vascular issue or a psychological problem.