What is Urban Tantra?

Urban Tantra is without so much of the new-agey instruction. It covers Basic Tantra concepts of sacred sexuality for those seeking Mind & Body connection during intimacy.

The beauty of Urban Tantra is the simplicity – breathe, stay present, give totally, receive totally, and be responsible for your own pleasure. When you bring those things together – you can reach new sexual heights and find sacred intimacy.

Urban Tantra demystifies tantra, makes tantra simple, approachable and palatable.

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How we all handle contradiction in each of our lives helps define whom we are as fan, partner, spouse.

Contradiction requests much of us. On the other hand, there may be a great possiblity to create greater convenance in your life by simply confronting the contradictions put in your own talk and actions. On the other hand, it will take great capacity to maintain opposing parts of view and disparate encounters without rejecting one or the various other or both. I phone this “holding opposites. ”

The chance for re-connection in our marriage or perhaps relationship is related to how we handle the contradictions we inevitably face; how we hold opposites. Our ability to put up with, and as we’ll discover, transform, our connection with conundrum into something more efficient requires a particular type of personal capacity.

Navigating our partner’s dilemmas
There’s value in letting our partner wrestle with their own dilemmas without us weighing in or trying to rescue them. It’s important to recognize when our interference is motivated by our own discomfort and anxiety.

Anxiety and nervous system arousal
Underneath all our words and our conscious intentions, our primary relationship follows the twists and turns of two highly attuned nervous systems. Your nervous system and your partner’s nervous system are in constant, silent communication.

Beneath the radar of awareness, these two parts of self are setting the mood, raising the stakes, making peace, or waging war. This is happening under the surface of normal consciousness, despite whatever agreements you might be making and whatever “communication tools” you might be employing.