How To Have a Breath and Energy Orgasm – Urban Tantra Method

How To Have a Breath and Energy Orgasm – Urban Tantra Method

Lie comfortably on your back, with your knees up and your feet flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight. Don’t use a pillow. Relax your jaw. Yawn. Keep the back of your throat open.

Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. If you’re not comfortable breathing in through your nose, feel free to breathe in and out through your mouth.The important thing is to take in as much air as possible in a relaxed manner.
Think of your breath as a circle, with no pause between the inhale and the exhale. Don’t force the exhale.
As you inhale, let your belly fill up like a balloon. As you exhale, flatten your lower back to the ground. This rocking motion helps to move sexual energy.
Squeeze your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle . Most people like to squeeze on the exhale, but do what feels right for you.
Now, use your mind and your breath to pull energy into your perineum (the area between your genitals and your anus, also known as the Root Chakra.) Remember, energy easily follows thought. You do not have to push and pull the energy; all you have to do is focus on the chakra you are breathing into and the breath will follow. You may find it helpful to place your hands on the chakra into which you are breathing.

Breath and Energy Orgasm

Now, inhale your energy up to the sex center (lower belly, at the Second Chakra). Exhale, circulating the energy back down to the perineum. Continue until your sex center feels charged up, lit up, bigger, or more alive. Trust yourself; you’ll know when it is charged. You will feel that you’re ready to move on, or it will feel as if the energy is moving up by itself.
Now, breathe energy from your sex center (Second Chakra) into your solar plexus, at the Third Chakra. It’s located below your diaphragm and above your belly button. Keep rocking and squeezing your PC muscle. Continue until this area is well charged up.

Keep breathing! By now you may (or may not) be feeling some of the physical or emotional effects of the Breath and Energy Orgasm.
The next breath circle is from your solar plexus (Third Chakra) and heart center (Fourth Chakra).

Breath and Energy Orgasm Technique

The next circle is from your heart center (Fourth Chakra) to your throat (Fifth Chakra). By the time the energy reaches your throat you’ll probably want to make some sounds. If sighs or sounds haven’t happened naturally yet, it’s important to vocalize them at this point. It will help the energy move up.

Breath and Energy Orgasm Chakra

By now, the energy may or may not be moving up the chakras on its own. If it is,just keep breathing the connected breath; you can stop visualizing the circles. If the energy is not yet moving on its own, your next circle is from throat (Fifth Chakra) to The Third Eye (the middle of your forehead-the Sixth Chakra). Roll your eyes up (closed) as though you can see out the top of your head; it will help the energy rise.

The last circle is from the Third eye to the Crown. just above the top of your head, the seventh chakra.

Remember, by the time you reach these higher circles, the energy will most likely be flowing on its own. Just keep breathing and you will feel yourself moving rapidly into an orgasmic state.