Couples Massage Workshop – The Power Of Touch

In our technology-driven world, the powerful connection that is held together through touch often gets completely left behind. Studies documented that incredible physical and emotional health benefits come through touching. It is fundamental to health, bonding and communication and our primary means for spreading compassion.

Without touch, no relationship can be complete. Whether it is a big bear hug, hands touching or simply a hand on your leg, touch feels soooo good! That is beside the health benefits like decreased stress hormones and blood pressure.

Touching is something we do often and if you don’t, you are missing out and it’s essential to your relationship. Much like a smile or eye contact can touching each other repair or deepen a relationship. Physical contact is crucial to express feelings from intimate to formal.

Touching break boundaries which is why couples massage workshops are a wonderful way to introduce new ways to connect couples. This is because the secret of touching is far more than only skin deep.

You cannot neglect to admit that an energetic connection is present in a touch. Even in an innocuous act like someone touching your arm, placing a hand on your shoulder or shaking hands. We exchange energy.

Feelings are expressed through touch Couples Massage Workshop

A good example that reflects the link between expressing emotions and physical touch; when you watch movies, plays or videos that moved you deeply, you will say it was “touching”. Often just a gentle touch can create the comfort and safety that will bring stifled emotions and feelings to the surface. It could be scary at first when your feelings are suppressed, however, when releasing and expressing feelings become part of a daily self-care routine, you will become appreciative of opportunities of touch.

We gain the sensory input we crave

For proper emotional and brain, health and development all our physical senses play a vital role. All the different types of touch, from a sensual massage to butterfly kisses, your brain gets the physical input that it needs to make sense of why we are in this world. Along with touching a baby, a pet or other people, explore and take notice of the different sensations and textures irrespective of what you touch even when touching a beautiful flower petal.

Your outlook improves through touch

When you feel connected to others it is harder to feel pessimistic or cynical as touch evokes positivity. A trusting and positive attitude will automatically reduce daily tension and improve overall relationships.

Your blood pressure lowers

Have you heard that even a pet is beneficial? Studies show that anyone that gets regular physical touch and contact has a better blood pressure than the one who doesn’t. Touch can speed the recovery periods from surgery and illness and slow heart rate.

Touch bonds people

Romantic partners and couples, bond through touch like a new mother bond with her baby and parents’ bond with their kids. All of us experience and have a hectic life, juggling work, home, children and everything in between and allow touch to go out the window. It’s not always intentionally but it becomes a habit, a habit that becomes a lifestyle and relationships start to suffer. Regular contact is a way to continuously renew the bond between two people and others we love.

Anxiety reduces through human touch

When you touch another person or someone touches you, the immediate feeling is less anxiety and you feel more secure. Touching makes us feel less alone, safe and grounded. What do you do with your children when feel bad, are hurt or scared? A warm, reassuring hug definitely makes them feel safer and everything better. When you are a bundle of nerves and anyone folds you in a bear hug, take notice of how fast your anxiety reduces.

You feel connected

We are born as social beings. Everybody needs to have a connection with others. The connection comes from different levels like communication, but non-verbal communication comes from the vital aspect that plays a significant role and that is touch.

Couple massage workshops

When you are feeling disconnected or even when you feel your partner needs guidance or that you have drifted apart through a lack of intimacy, disconnected with hectic lifestyles and workloads, make an appointment with a massage therapist.

A skilled professional massage therapist teaches you and your partner through hands-on techniques to reconnect through a couples massage workshop. Various massage techniques are applicable whichever suits you and your partner.

Sensual massages

A sensual massage couples massage workshop teaches you to make a massage more intimate, nurturing, and sensual by improving the quality of your touch. Following up from a couples massage workshop when you need techniques that involve the sensual aspect of different massage techniques, it will give your relationship a significant boost and heightened level of reconnection, bonding, and intimacy.

Through the right touch, you can massage your partner and your partner will learn too how to surrender and reach a state of complete bliss and relaxation where both of you can experience heightened levels of pleasure and sensuality.

Both of you will learn that every part of each other’s bodies is potential erogenous zones and which areas of your body and that of your partner are particularly erogenous. Both of you will be taught how to work with both primal and conscious breaths to create different states of awareness and arousal.

A couples massage workshop that teaches you the essence of touch is important aspect to both women’s health and men’s health aside from the fact that your relationship will strengthen and blossom. You will soon know how to correctly interpret and respond in return to a partner’s non-verbal cues.

Once you have experienced a couples massage workshop you will be able to connect with your partner, family and friends by using focused and intentional touch, not only when you massage but applying touch in your everyday life.

Try a couples massage workshop and learn how to appreciate the wonder of something as simple as human touch.