Giving a Pleasurable Prostate Massage

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Prostate therapeutic massage is a highly pleasurable and personal activity that you may talk about with your partner. Learning the simple methods will allow you to confidently explore this new pleasure together. This guideline offers the basic skills of pleasurable prostate massage, but like all physical skills, reading about it will only get you so far.

If anal contact is brand-new for your man, move at a gradual and slow speed and respect whatever comes up in the process. There are strong messages in our culture about anal play: men have a complicated relationship to this pleasurable part of their body.

Once you are ready to start exploring prostate enjoyment, I recommend combining light external anal touching with a genital massage. The excitement of the new feeling paired with a familiar pleasure will ease the transition and begin teaching his body to savor this new kind of stimulation. Just proceed with direct anal touch and penetration when he’s enthusiastically involved with it.

Positions for Prostate Massage

Prostate massage could be enjoyed in lots of different positions. Different positions could be pretty much comfortable, evoke different emotions and invite different types of connection. Try these positions and see which are your preferred:

  • Him on hands and knees, giver kneeling or sitting behind. Giver may use one hand to touch anus area, the other hand can reach underneath to stimulate penis. He may also reach back and touch own penis.
  • On his back, giver sitting between his legs. Elevate hips with a pillow for easier usage of the anus area.
  • Bent over the bed or arm of a couch. Giver standing behind him.

Manage Your Expectations

While we realize that prostate stimulation can create intense, powerful orgasms, it is necessary to remember that you might not experience this right away. Many guys report that their first few experiences of prostate stimulation can feel numb, tender or neutral. The body can take some time to start eroticizing the prostate stimulation, to wake up the nerve endings that have been dormant, to release muscular constriction that is blocking sensation.

You may even feel a sensation like the need to urinate. This is practical, considering that the urethra runs straight through the prostate! In the event that you feel the “have to pee” feeling, try to have a few deep breaths and discover what sensations could be just on the other hand. Many times, the desire to urinate will melt into deeper, more erotic sensations.

How To Communicate For More Pleasure

Take it slow as you try new things with your partner – adding new sensations in slowly gives you the chance to enjoy it, and to communicate about what feels particularly good and what needs to be adjusted for more pleasure. It is essential to communicate about qualities of touch like speed and pressure. Telling your partner what feels good increases the chance of having the ability to repeat that one sensation. Together, you are building and expanding a repertoire of methods to pleasure each other – enjoy the process.

It shouldn’t feel painful

Touch just feels amazing when both folks are comfortable. As the receiver of contact, it really is your work to stay comfy and actively have the pleasure your lover offers you. Things will get a whole lot hotter if your companion isn’t concerned about your comfort – so agree in advance that you both will stay comfy and in the enjoyment zone.

If something feels just a little off, you are both likely to feel it and it’ll limit your pleasure. So take time to modify. This is often as basic as adjusting the body position on occasion to stay comfy, or using yet another pillow, or likely to the bathroom if you want to. Or noticing you’re getting exhausted and simply feel “done” – most of these are excellent factors to take the time and adjust.