Becoming a Sexually Confident Woman

In modern cultures, Sexually Confident Woman the fast-paced world we live in and being the confident women or so we appear to be with high-profile jobs and seemingly well-put-together, we are not as sexually clued up as we should be.

Most of us figure out things for ourselves and there is never any talk around the tea table about the beauty and naturalness of self-pleasuring, neither any talk of the magic and miracle of sexuality and the power of it all.

When you think back on your initial sexual education, what did you learn, how did you learn, what affected you and what stuck with you? What will you teach your own daughters about being sexually confident women?

Let’s talk about masturbation, self-love, self-pleasure.…It is not a question that you will answer to or a subject that is discussed unless you have a circle of girlfriends that practice sacred sexuality.

You have to be a great lover to yourself first and foremost to be another’s great lover. If you don’t know how and where you like to be touched, nobody else would either. Even in our millennium, many find masturbation a taboo topic, but where does it come from, fear of ridicule, shame or guilt?

You are a grown woman and you can do what you want in all aspects of your life, why not in your sexuality too? What hinders you from becoming the sexually confident women that you should be.

What then is the purpose of sex?

Bonding? Absolutely

Procreation? Yes and no

Pleasure? Absolutely spot-on…pure unadulterated pleasure. But are you fully aware and present in order to fully tap into it?

What is the key to being sexually confident? It isn’t all about what’s on the outside as a sexually confident women’s sexuality comes from the inside and not the other way around.

As a sexually confident woman, you feel beautiful in your own skin, and you have learned to love your body. Your internal dialogue tells you…” I am loved, I am happy, I am fabulous!”

You must check your own self-perception as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don’t feel the need to compare yourself with anyone else and being content with being the best self that you can be. You believe wholeheartedly that you are incredibly desirable to your partner. You feel great about what you offer in the bedroom and communicate openly about what you find pleasurable. You relax and freely enjoy everything your partner offers.

Therefore, do I ask you, what is sexual confidence? It is not all about sex. It is much more about the power that comes from liking, loving and accepting yourself.

An incredibly inspiring concept is sacred sexuality which is lost on many Westerners. This is where a Yoni Massage is incredibly beneficial to give you the power to claim your sexual confidence. A yoni massage is truly honoring women to explore the sacred side of sexuality and give selfless pleasure.

It isn’t about reaching an orgasm, it is to experience such immense waves of pleasure that causes multiple orgasms throughout the massage. It is particularly beneficial for women who do not know how to have an orgasm, are inhibited and incredibly healing to women who suffered past sexual trauma.

The yoni massage focuses on healing and empowerment for women – making her feel honored, worshipped, cherished and loved. A massage therapist will explain to you that it isn’t about foreplay or sex, this type of sensual massage aims to help you to get a better understanding of what feels good to you and being comfortable with your body.

Yoni translates to a sacred space and the Sanskrit word for the vagina. A massage therapist will teach you how to do a yoni massage alone or with your partner and it can be done with or without taking it to the next level.

Are you intrigued yet?

The yoni massage will give you the sexual confidence you deserve, and you will forget about the all too common pressure to put up an act or “perform” for your partner. You will be able to explore your own body in a sensual, methodical and slow way.

A yoni massage is potentially extremely stimulating as it concentrates on areas including your stomach and breasts. Take note though that the primary goal of a yoni massage is not to reach an orgasm, it is possible though. If you do climax or experience multiple orgasms, that is OK too.

The practice of yoni massage isn’t necessarily arousing or that is not the aim, it is more emotional than sexual in nature. Once you have experienced a yoni massage, you should involve your partner and if you still feel insecure on your route to becoming the sexual woman you are, the next level could be a Couples Massage Workshop.