The secret of Tantra!

secret of Tantra is a science, which requires you to know the reality of existence, human nature and to reconnect with your own essence.

Tantra first teaches how to explore sexual energy, how to perceive it, and how to arrive at a liberating, regenerating orgasm, making you discover essential beauty, essential happiness and bliss.

Once you know this secret, then you can transcend. Because in a powerful sexual orgasm, it’s not sex that gives you ecstasy but something else. Sex is only a tool!

But all this is part of the secret of Tantra, and words can not bring you what Tantra will allow you to be. It just needs to be part of your experience.

The 3 bases of Tantra

1. Eternity:

In the tantra the time stops! You are fully present at what is! You are in the here and now! You are deeply anchored, listening to your body, your breath. A feeling of floating through time and space!


2. Dissolution of the ego:

In your tantric experience, a new reality is emerging. For the first time you are totally lost in the flow of tantra. The two protagonists surrender completely at once.

For the first time in your life, you lose your ego, you become ego-free!


3. Reconnection with your deep nature :

Tantra connects you to your true nature!

You are without masks, without facades. You give up everything for a moment, your culture, your society, civilization.

You are part of a whole, something bigger, the cosmos, the Tao!

The goal of tantra is not sex, the goal of Tantra is to transcend!

Tantra is like an old tree with a vast and deep root system.  Some of its most developed branches include the Tibetan, Hindu, Kashmirian, Shiviasm, Taoist, Kundalini, Left Hand, Ipsalu, Quodoshka, Shamanic, Sex Magic and more.

You can do it only by experience. please read here full article for more information secret of Tantra