Beginners Guide to Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual path that provides wonderful tools for self-development and extension.

It is the path of love and mindfulness, and also Self Love,  accepting yourself as you are. This is the fundamental point of Tantra: A total acceptance.

Tantra is like an old tree with a vast and deep root system.  Some of its most developed branches include the Tibetan, Hindu, Kashmirian, Shiviasm, Taoist, Kundalini, Left Hand, Ipsalu, Quodoshka, Shamanic, Sex Magic and more.

You will find 112 practices and only 3 sexual ones in it.  Each tantric practice tells us about uniting polarities, feminine and masculine, senses and thought.

The benefits of tantra:

This therapy connects your body to your mind. Thus reconnected to the essential, you awaken to a new dimension of being and the world. It frees you from everyday life, giving way to a profound fullness.

Here are some benefits of this form of therapy:

  1. Awaken the senses

  2. Raise awareness

  3. Increase concentration

  4. Soothes the mind

  5. Lets feel at peace with ourselves and with others

  6. Improves general health

  7. Regenerates body and mind

  8. Unlocks physical and psychic tensions

  9. Improves the functioning of the prostate

  10. Helps stop premature ejaculation

The colors of Tantra:

White Tantra:

 We focus on a more philosophical and subtle process and without any physical contact. Particularly, focused on yoga practices, meditation, visualization, breathing.

 Red Tantra:

Saying the way of the left hand is connoted by femininity, power, passion and sacred sex.

It opens the way to spirituality through touch.

It connects the life energy (sexual energy) to the heart chakra. This sacred fusion heals the body, the soul and the spirit.

Black Tantra:

This type of tantra, which is not widespread, consists in modifying mental reality through a series of techniques. It highlights the darkest sides of our being.

“Rati Rahasyam” states that tantra awakens consciousness in the absence of our desires, while black tantra awakens consciousness to our inner desires.

hope this article has helped with your understanding!