10 Things Good Men Should Never Do in a Relationship

1. A good man will never pick apart your looks. “Oh, if only your hair was a little longer.” “If only you lost those couple of extra pounds.” “If you would only wear more makeup.” A good man will never take jabs at your appearance in a way that’s demeaning to you or makes you feel … Read more

Taoist Massage heals and helps

What is Taoist Sexual Energy Massage? It’s a full-body massage that works with the body’s meridian system, bringing healing to the entire being every time you experience it.It’s slow, taking you into a state of deep relaxation, and gentle, allowing the relaxation to be enhanced, and making the release possible.Our sexual energy has many uses … Read more

Urban Tantra Experience: Breath, Ecstasy, & Something More

Urban Tantra Experience

Urban Tantra Experience: Breath, Ecstasy, & Something More 26-27 October 2019 in Melbourne, Australia In this weekend workshop with Barbara Carrellas, you’ll discover how conscious breath can help you reveal and realise your Something More. This weekend we will breathe. We will breathe in Permission. We will breathe in Possibilities. We will breathe: to release … Read more

4 Steps to Finding Your something more

Do you have an unnamable yearning? A longing that lurks in the back of your brain or deep in your belly that just can’t be expressed in words? Do you have a deep undefined desire for “Something More”? When I first began teaching my sex and spirituality workshops, I’d ask people, “What are your orgasms … Read more

Beginners Guide to Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual path that provides wonderful tools for self-development and extension. It is the path of love and mindfulness, and also Self Love,  accepting yourself as you are. This is the fundamental point of Tantra: A total acceptance. Tantra is like an old tree with a vast and deep root system.  Some of … Read more

The secret of Tantra!

secret of Tantra is a science, which requires you to know the reality of existence, human nature and to reconnect with your own essence. Tantra first teaches how to explore sexual energy, how to perceive it, and how to arrive at a liberating, regenerating orgasm, making you discover essential beauty, essential happiness and bliss. Once … Read more