Alternative Treatments for Good Prostate Health

Your prostate may only be the size of a walnut, but when it is not healthy, it can have a seriously debilitating effect on your quality of life. Here, we are not talking about prostate cancer but a general enlargement of the prostate either as a result of an infection, referred to as prostatitis, or a natural enlargement of the prostate, known as benign prostate hyperplasia or BHP for short.

It therefore makes sense to do all you can to maintain good prostate health, but which direction can you go in to maintain a healthy prostate? Because the prostate is not something men talk freely about, even fewer men discuss any regime they may have for looking after their prostate.

Beyond quality of life, there is another, very valid reason for maintaining good prostate health, and that is to reduce your chances developing prostate cancer as, according to Australian Prostate Cancer, over 3,000 people every year die of prostate cancer in Australia, and that 20% of men will develop prostate cancer by the age of 85.

What are good alternative treatments for good prostate health?

A growing proportion of today’s society is moving away from ‘big pharma’ drugs and now looks to ‘alternative medicine’ as a means to maintain their general health and wellbeing; this includes prostate health.

Alternative treatments to reduce the risk of developing prostate problems and prostate cancer can come in two forms – dietary and physical.

In terms of diet, this has been well covered in an article written by Marcella Rosa, a Melbourne based sensual and tantric massage therapist that goes in to much more detail about good prostate health. This then leads us to physical treatments that can also be beneficial for your prostate.

Exercise is good for prostate health

It is easy to say that exercise is good for health, generally, but it is also encouraging to note that the results of a survey that involved 300,000 men showed that these is a direct relationship between exercise and levels of BPH. The more active a lifestyle a man had, the less likely he would be to develop PHP. Thus, if you currently lead a relatively sedate lifestyle and either have prostate problems, or want to reduce the risk of developing them in the future, get active!

Holistic massage and prostate massage

For the body to function at its best, good blood flow is essential. This is part of the reason massage is such an effective tool both in terms of healing powers as well as well as maintaining health, both physically and mentally.

The prostate massage is something that few may have heard of, but which should be known about as it is absolutely clear that a regular massage of the prostate can reduce the risk of developing BPH or reduce any problematic symptoms you may be suffering from as a result of having BPH. The location of the prostate is such that it can become constricted and with a lack of blood flow, this can cause it to harden. Even one single prostate massage can significantly soften the prostate and enable it to function more effectively.

To learn more about a prostate massage, feel free to contact  Marcella at her Melbourne studio and she will be pleased to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.