The Prostate and its Connection with Sex

Ask men what they know about their prostate and the answers you get will be quite depressing. At best men know they have one and that you can get (and die from) prostate cancer. Other than that, they will usually tell you that when you get older, your prostate makes you want to urinate more frequently, but they won’t know why. That’s about it. Ask them “What does the prostate do?”, what its role in the body’s physiology is, and invariably you will be met with a blank look.

While the prostate may be hidden deep within the body and is only the size of a walnut, you would be surprised just how big a role it plays in a man’s life, and not just when it develops problems.

The prostate and seminal fluid

In short, the role of the prostate is to produce seminal fluid that, at the point of male ejaculation, mixes with sperm produced by the testes, making the sperm easier to be ejaculated from the penis and provide them with greater motility when it comes to performing their role – fertilisation of an egg. Many men think semen and sperm are one and the same, and that the fluid ejaculated during an orgasm is created entirely by the testes. This is simply not the case.

The Prostate and its Connection with Sex

On a simplified level, the role the prostate plays in most men’s sex lives is to produce seminal fluid. However, with that role comes the revelation that the prostate is a highly sensitive gland, the stimulation of which can result in what is called a prostate orgasm. The stimulation and resultant orgasm, combined, is also called prostate milking. The prostate has become known as ‘the male G-spot’ and a prostate orgasm is seen as being even more intense than a penile orgasm.

The prostate massage

There are two ways a prostate massage can be performed, either via an ‘internal approach’, or an external prostate massage. The prostate can be located just short of a middle-finger’s length inside the rectum and is easily identifiable as a round object the size of a large marble, or walnut. Through careful lubrication around and in the entrance to the anus, the finger can be easily and gently inserted into the anus, and the prostate gently massaged.

The penis extends well into the body, it is not simply what can be seen outside the body. The penis’ proximity to the prostate means that the prostate is also highly sensitive, and therefore receptive to stimulation. Thus, externally, massaging of the perineum, the area between the penis and the anus, in an inwardly direction can also stimulate the prostate.

Using the prostate to improve your sex life, and vice versa

A prostate massage or the use of a prostate massager can greatly increase the intensity of an orgasm, either though prostate milking or stimulating the prostate prior to having penetrative intercourse. Massaging of your prostate is an intimate act and can greatly increase the intimacy levels in a loving, physical relationship

A healthy Prostate and its Connection is important to maintaining a healthy sex life and, on the obverse, a healthy sex life can be good for the prostate. A 2016 study of 35,000 men who were observed over an 18-year period showed that men who ejaculated in excess of 21 times a week were 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculated only between 4 and 7 times a month.

If you have any questions in particular about prostate health, alternative prostate treatments and a prostate massage, or sensual and tantric massage therapy in general, please do not hesitate to get in contact and I will be glad to provide you with the answers.